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Enable Direct Bookings where neither you or guests have to pay commission

No one is denying the sheer strength of all the big portals such as HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Air BnB etc - they are all very important for your letting business as they have a huge audience and marketing power.

However,  your own website  can be accessed by previous guests and their friends and family, clicked on by Facebook fans, shared throughout social networks and also accessed directly via other great sites such as golakes.co.uk, visitcornwall.com etc..

You are giving guests the option to come and book with you directly and save themselves a booking fee and you some commission.

Our feature booking system has an availability calendar linked with your prices and guests are able to click through the options and book online.  You still have the final say, however!  All that will happen is that you receive an email saying they would like to book those dates at the price shown and you then make arrangements for payment (or enable an online debit/credit card payment system that we can insert for you).

Increase Confidence in your Holiday Home

Sadly, with the increase of fraud being widely reported, many holiday guests get very worried that the property they have paid money for is actually real and that they are not subject to any scam.  Having a website, with lots of great content, photos, interaction, visitors book photos - all add to a sense of permanence and increase confidence - helping them make the decision to choose your home over others.

Creates a Brand - Giving your Home a Personality of its Own

Having your own website enables you to create a brand and give your property a personality!  Rather than be restricted by the formulaic confines of property portals, our bespoke websites enable much greater appeal.  You can spend more time describing the house, have as many photos uploaded as you wish, create a sense of luxury, adventure, romance - the list is limitless!  The more information you can put across to the potential guest, the more likely they are to book.  See our services for ways in which we can help you make your property stand out!

Showcase Your Area as a Fabulous Holiday Destination

Because you're not restricted in what information you can put across, you can really go to town (excuse the pun) and showcase your area.  Why not let us do a blog for you on a local news event, or show you how to upload your own guide to walking from your cottage?  Let us help you add links and information to local places of interest - anything and everything to suit all holidaymakers!

Enables You to Access Other Important Markets

Many online and offline directories let you link your website to your advert completely free of charge.

There are also some fantastic portals which are really highly ranked on Google that encourage you to have your own website to showcase your property further. Examples include golakes.co.uk, visitcornwall.com, visitpeakdistrict.com, visitwales.com, yorkshire.com, visitscotland.com dogfriendlylakes.co.uk, cottageguide.co.uk and readydoggygo.co.uk .... among many others.

Create a Link which can be Spread via Social Media

Having a Facebook business page is a great way of highlighting your property and we can help you build this, should you want our help.  It can be used for engaging posts and photos and snippets of information.  However, Facebook in itself doesn't have the same ability as a website to provide a in-depth, comprehensive look at your property and area - so having a combination of the two works a treat.  You can easily spread the word through friends, past guests - encouraging all of them with a nifty photo or two and post to click onto your website for more information, pricing, booking etc.  If you want to get really clever, you can link to your blogs and have the two working seamlessly together!