Setup Instant Payment

Knowledgebase Article - Setup Instant Payment

Giving your guests the ability to pay online means your bookings are instantly confirmed.

When you pay for goods in a store using a plastic card for payment, the store will process the payment through their card merchant services provider (eg: Barclays, HSBC or Worldpay)

To offer payment online you also will need a card payment provider, and two of the most popular online payment providers are Paypal and Stripe. Both services operate in a similar fashion and will allow debit and credit card payments from UK and Worldwide customers. Your Guest doesn’t need to have an account or indeed any relationship with Paypal or Stripe, they can use the bank card of their choice to pay.

You will need to register online for a free Paypal Business or Stripe Account. If you already have a personal Paypal account it is very quick and easy to upgrade this to a Business account.

Once your account is open, we can help you obtain the necessary authentication codes that are required for us to link your Paypal / Stripe account to your website’s booking system. We’ve produced some instructions below that should guide you step by step through this process.

What Makes Owners Websites So Different?

We at Owners Websites are Holiday Home Owners as well as Website Designers. 

We have developed our services to suit Holiday Home Owners – and not just customers looking for Website Design. You can have the peace of mind that our website design service includes as standard all the features you need (or may need in the future) to successfully manage your holiday home’s website.

Website Design that works for Holiday Homes
Availability Calendar that Syncs to your Agents
Booking System That Accepts Enquiries Only (OR)
a Booking System That Takes Online Payment
Website Design that works for Holiday Homes
High performance UK Website Hosting using SSD disks with unlimited bandwidth
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No Technical Expertise Required