Managed Hosting Service

Our Website Hosting Plan for older websites and customers requiring Website Support

Including everything in our Self-Managed Plan

When we launch a new website all of the software that powers the website is licensed and up-to-date. Furthermore for 3 months we provide the peace of mind that we provide website support. This is why we recommend our Self-Managed Plan to all new customers.

Our Managed Hosting Service includes all the features of our Self Managed Hosting Plan. This includes your award winning website hosting service, your domain name registration, your SSL certificate and a generous 3 email accounts.

Advantages of our Managed Service

1. Software Updates

Your website is made up of several software programs, most notably WordPress itself. Other than WordPress it may contain free-to-use programs that control your SEO and your SSL certificate for example. It will also contain commercial programs that control your page builder, your booking system and your website’s framework. WordPress, together with the free-to-use programs, will update automatically as and when new software updates are available whereas the commercial programs will only update during the first year of use. After that, they will continue to work – but they won’t update without their licenses renewed.

Choosing our Managed Service will keep all your commercial software licenses renewed. This reduces the opportunity for problems arising on your website. Keeping your software plugins regularly updated will mean your website continue to function when changes happen to 3rd party services (eg: Agency calendar synchronisations, and Payment card processing regulations)

2. Website Support

Owners Websites can only provide Website Support to websites hosted on out Managed Service Plan. This is because we are often unable to troubleshoot and fix website related issues without renewing software to latest versions.  Clients on our Self Managed Standard Hosting Service who require website support (after 3 months use) will be asked to upgrade their service to our Managed Plan.

Annual Web Hosting Prices: Owners Websites vs 3rd Party Hosting Providers
  • First, Compare Us On Price

    Owners Websites make things very simple for our customers, offering a single high performance hosting package readily configured to maintain a small business website. All at an extremely low price.

    Compare our Self-Managed Hosting package with any hosting company of your choice.

    Many will offer at least four different service packages with ‘regular pricing’ hidden behind a massively discounted promotional price for the first year.

    Often the cheapest service will not be fit for purpose for a business so these clients should expect to be encouraged to upgrade either to the next tiered service or by purchasing expensive add-on products such as SSL certificates or Email services. Another Or you may find these services will be bundled into the first year pricing for free before being presented with a premium price tag when time comes for renewal.

    • Godaddy ' Economy' package
      £163/yr more expensive

      1st Year Promotion: £47.88+VAT

      Regular Price: £170.87. Plus the Email service, £47.76,  and domain name £8.99.
      Total £273 incl.VAT

    • 123 reg 'Economy' package
      £91/yr more expensive

      1st Year Promotion: £35.88+VAT (£43.05) plus SSL Certificate £59.99+VAT.  In total £95.87+VAT

      Regular Price: 123Reg’s annual hosting rises to £59.99. Plus SSL Certificate (£59.99), Domain name (£11.99), Email Address (£35.88).
      Total £201.42 incl.VAT

    • Ionos 'Plus' package
      £37/yr more expensive

      1st Year Promotion: £42 + VAT. In total £50.40.

      Regular Price: £9/month (£108+VAT) plus annual domain registration £15+VAT.
      Total £147.60 incl.VAT

    • Second, Compare Us On Performance

      Owners Websites’ website services are hosted by the award winning UK Hosting Company, 20i.

      • Godaddy ' Economy' package
        Significantly less bandwidth

        Godaddy / OwnersWebsites

        Storage: 25GB / Unmetered

        Memory (RAM): 512MB / Unmetered

        Bandwidth: Unmetered / Unmetered

        Content Delivery Network: No / Yes

        Email Addresses: 2 / 3

      • 123 reg 'Economy' package
        Significantly less bandwidth

        123 reg / OwnersWebsites

        Storage: 25GB / Unmetered

        Memory (RAM): 512MB / Unmetered

        Bandwidth: Unmetered / Unmetered

        Content Delivery Network: No / Yes

        Email Addresses: 1 / 3

      • Ionos 'Plus' package
        Less bandwidth

        IONOS / OwnersWebsites

        Storage: 100GB / Unmetered

        Memory (RAM): 6GB / Unmetered

        Bandwidth: Unmetered / Unmetered

        Content Delivery Network: £72/yr option / Yes

        Email Addresses: 1 / 3

    • PC Pro Awards 2023: Best Web Host

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      We Include EVERYTHING your Holiday Home's website needs

      • Domain Name

        domain name
      • Website Hosting

      • Email Accounts

      • SSL Certificate

      Choosing a Domain Name for your Holiday Accommodation Website

      If you’re not sure what domain name is best for your Holiday Home website why not have a chat with us and we’ll offer up some suggestions.

      There are things you should avoid such as the name being too long and easy to mis-spell. If you can squeeze your local area name into the domain then this will help your website’s search engine performance too.

      If you want to check to see whether your ideal domain name is available either get in touch with us direct or check here instantly.

      Domain Name Checker

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