SEO for Holiday Home Websites

SEO - Standard Service

Every new website will be built on a strong optimisation platform with tools installed to help it improve organically

SEO for Holiday Home Websites

There are so many Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) checks we make before we declare a website live.

The search engines like web pages to load quickly for example. Images should be optimised so they are not too large and tagged with an off-page description so the search engines can understand what they are about.

Each website page should ideally have a principal on-screen Title, and off-page Meta Description, again to help the search engines understand who your website page may be suitable for.

We check for broken links – these are pages that link to other pages that don’t exist.  We check there aren’t pages without titles and also, pages with too many titles

We check each page is mobile friendly. If not Google is less likely to make it appear on searches that are undertaken on mobile devices.



Our Pricing

No hidden extras. Just a one-off cost to build your website – and a single annual fee that takes care of all your website’s running costs


Standard Optimisation

For new websites


  • Website Sitemap created and submitted to Google for indexing

  • SEO Measurement tools included

  • High Speed Page Loading

  • Mobile Optimised using premium Utility Framework

  • £0/included as standard

    Keyword Optimisation

    For established websites

    One Time Payment

  • Local Competitor Analysis

  • Identify Quality Search Ranking Keyphrases

  • Optimise Each Website Page to 1 or 2 Keyphrases

  • Monitor & Measure Performance

  • £299/once

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