Accept Card Payments using Stripe

Knowledgebase Article - Accept Card Payments using Stripe

You can choose to use a FREE Stripe Account to accept online payments on your Holiday Home’s Website. Setting up an Account with Stripe is no more difficult than setting up a Paypal Business Account and the service is considerably more affordable

Your prospective Guest does not need a Stripe account in order to make a payment to you. They simply choose to enter their preferred debit or credit card details

Stripe Charges for UK customers

  • Standard UK cards (most cards including American Express) : 1.5% + £0.20.
  • Premium UK cards (commercial Visa/Mastercard) : 1.9% + £0.20.
  • International cards issued outside the UK and Europe : 3.25% + £0.20.
  • European cards : 2.5% + £0.20.

Above prices correct at April 2023.

More Information on Stripe Pricing

For us to link your Stripe account to your website, we just need you to send us your Publishable Key and Secret Key (Live not Test). These can be found by logging into your Stripe account at

From your Stripe Dashboard ( Click on ‘Developers’ at the top-right of your screen. Important make sure the toggle switch for test/live mode that you’ll see alongside ‘Developers’ is not selected.This means you will be viewing your Live configuration which is what we need.

After clicking ‘ Developers’ on the next page click on ‘API keys‘ which will reveal your full Publishable key. This can be copied and pasted.

We also need your Secret Key to complete the connection. If you already have a secret key setup it won’t be possible to copy this – you will need to create a new key by clicking on the ‘Create secret key’ button.

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