Create Your Rates

Knowledgebase Article - Create Your Rates

In Define Your Price Bands – you created your Price Bands (Seasons). Now your next step is to apply your prices to those Seasons.

For each Season that you created in Define Your Rates, you should now be adding at least* one Rate.

Your prices / rates are input on OWcal> Rates.

Head to Accommodation Rates at the top of your Rates page, and click “Add Rate”

*If your pricing consists solely of weekly rates, then you would simply have one rate per season. You would set this up by creating one rate for 7 days with your weekly price, for each of your Seasons.

If your pricing is based around nightly rates, then you would create a rate for 1 night only. You could also add additional rates for your chosen Season with separate rates for 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 night stays

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