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When we make your website live, we provide you with full access. We do this because after paying for your website we don’t think it fair for you to be tied into a particular platform or service provider. It’s a singular way of thinking – many web designers make their money by insisting on a monthly support contract – and then charge extra for change requests as and when required.

Owners Websites give you the peace of mind that if we get hit by the proverbial bus, you should be able to work with any web designer of your choice to keep your website updated. 

Should I…

If you choose to update your website yourself, then please be aware that you will be responsible for the impact of any changes that adversely affect the performance of your website.

Our recommendations as to what we think you should be changing are outlined below.

We’ve also shared five regularly seen common issues following ‘website DIY’

Changes to the back-end of your website (pricing changes, writing blogs) do not require website design experience and changes can be made relatively safely.

We recommend that changes made to the customer facing layouts / pages of your website are undertaken by a person experienced with website design. We explain why below…

where we've seen one simple change break websites

Objective – Replacing An Image On A Website

This sounds easy enough for anyone to do and in fact it is a very quick and easy task to swap one image with another. We’d go as far to say that anyone can do this…badly.

Swapping images is one of the most frequent edits that our customers undertake on their websites.  And these are some of the issues we regularly see after clients have tried their hands at website DIY.

  1. Non-optimised Images. Photos / Images should be sized and compressed with loss-less optimisation techniques to avoid slowing your website down and adversely affect search performance 
  2. Pixelated Images on Large Screens. Your new image may look great on your monitor but always check how it appears on a wide high resolution screen to make sure the image is of sufficient quality.
  3. Images should be tagged with a description so that the search engines can identify them for what they represent. Failure to do this could impact your website’s search performance.
  4. If the image’s aspect ratio changes on mobile, for example from landscape to portrait, the focus area of the image may need to be changed.
  5. Most important of all; don’t infringe copyright by using someone else’s photo without permission! 

Pricing for Change Requests

Owners Websites doesn’t charge monthly service fees for website maintenance so any changes you require to your website after it has been launched are charged per request.


Please find below our pricing for typical change requests to your website.

In accordance with our service plan to new customer projects these charges may not apply if your website has only been launched in the past 3 months. 

Be assured that quotations will be confirmed to you before we conduct any work on your website

  • Pricing Update£30 per Property
    Send us next years pricing on an email or spreadsheet and we will update your website for you.
    (Note if you have multiple properties that share exactly the same pricing then we would charge per pricing structure rather than per property)
  • Pricing Edit£30
    If you need us to block out dates, update one of your pricing seasons or sync your website calendar to a new agency calendar
  • Rebranding£45
    Need to change your logo / colour scheme throughout your website
  • Simple Website Edit£30
    For when you just need some images swapped over or text changed
  • Website Changes£60 per hour
    Tell us what you need changed and we will provide a fixed price.