1. Main Image

Your HomePage should contain a ‘Wow Factor’ image, or if it contains a slideshow several Wow  FactorImages)

This will be the first impression a visitor to your websites homepage will have so it needs to draw interest. 

We suggest:

  • Identifiable Landscape
  • Exterior of Property
  • Welcoming Living Areas
  • Scenic Views from Windows
  • Bathrooms
  • Overcast Weather
  • Bad Lighting (Yellow Hue / Shadows)
  • Close Up Images

2. Introduction Text

Your homepage needs to instantly satisfy the visitor that your website is relevant to what they are looking for.

Using engaging text you need to announce where your property is, how many people it accommodates. Everything here is ‘Sales’ text. For example, instead of accepting pets, say you welcome pets

Include SEO friendly keywords eg: “affordable holiday cottage near Padstow” but include them naturally into the text – don’t make the text painful to read

We suggest include/exclude:

  • Name of Property
  • Who it accommodates
  • Nearby main attractions
  • Nearby amenities (pub/shop/etc)
  • Premium Features (eg:Hot Tub)
  • Perfunctory facts (eg: hairdryer)
  • House Rules
  • Too much detail

3. Local Area Introduction

Don’t assume your website visitor is familiar with your local area. Further down your Homepage you should want to include high level summary location information.

You only need to provide summary information here just to make your visitor aware that all these things you mention are relevant to your property. 

It is essential to use this section with SEO and  SEO keywords in mind.

We suggest include:

  • Broad name of area/county
  • Local attractions (including links)
  • Holiday related keywords
  • Directions
  • (Excessive) Bullet points
  • Places with little SEO Keyword value
  • Stacatto Sentences

4. Reviews

Reviews, in particular Google Reviews, are an essential way of encouraging visitors to make bookings.

If you do not have any reviews yet, get your holiday home a Google MyBusiness listing and reach out to past guests to leave a review.


We suggest include:

  • Recent (within 12 months)
  • Friends & Family if you need to get started
  • Include Reviews with Holiday related keywords
  • Avoid even partial negative feedback
  • Avoid Essays!
  • Not too many 5-10 is ideal

5. Property Details

If your homepage has done its job, your website visitor should have found their way to your Property Details page and now your visitor is information gathering.

The objective of this page is to provide a detailed description of your property and answer any question your visitor may have, whilst still embellishing all these facts with elements of charm!

5.1 Introduction Text.

Another Introduction! Before you start the room-by-room description, consider who your typical guests are and what they have previously fed back to you as the most appealing features about your property. Try and reword the Introduction you used on the homepage to include this feedback

We suggest cover:

  • Name of Property
  • Who it accommodates
  • Premium Features (eg:Hot Tub)
  • Our guests love"....."
  • Perfunctory facts (eg: hairdryer)
  • House Rules
  • Too much details

5. Property Details

5.2 The Nitty Gritty

Describe your holiday accommodation room by room.

Don’t worry too much about all the contents of each room as this can be listed separately.

Explain the bed configuration for each bedroom as well as bathrooms and what levels these are on.

If you have a floorplan or video tour these can be included within this section

We suggest cover:

  • Clear Room By Room descriptions
  • Include floor level
  • Bed Configurations
  • Outdoor Furnishings
  • House Rules
  • Not too wordy

6. Gallery

A detailed description is helpful (particularly for SEO) but let’s face it prospective guests will lean more heavily on your photos and your reviews before they make their decision to book their stay.

It is vital to present appealing images, sometimes the best images you are able to take may not be suitable for display.

And always after updating your decor take fresh photos

We suggest cover:

  • Landscape is generally preferable
  • Use Natural Light wherever possible
  • Professional Photos will make your websiute more appealing
  • Retake Outdoor Images in the summer if necessary
  • Seasonal Images ( Xmas/Autumn)
  • Avoid duplicates / very similar images. They will just slow down your website page