Backup Your Website

If you’re managing your website yourself then as a matter of importance you should be backing up your website.

Over time websites can be infected with malware and they can also stop working when WordPress and its plugins update and conflict with one another. Therefore its important that you have a clean backup copy to fall back on that can be reinstalled should the worst happen.

Fortunately its very easy to backup your website. You simply need to install a backup plugin and ideally have some storage space in the cloud and/or on an external hard drive where you can install your websites files.

There are many to choose from but our backup plugin of choice is called ‘UpdraftPlus’ and you can install this on your website by logging into your dashboard, and selecting ‘Add Plugin’ from the left hand menu. Search for ‘Updraft’ and it will appear in the search results. Click the ‘Install’ Button and after a few seconds you will be prompted to ‘Activate’ the plugin. Once you have done that Updraft is installed on your website and can be located within your ‘Settings’ menu again on the left hand side menu bar of your dashboard

Within the UpdraftPlus options, from the above Backup/Restore menu tab you can make an immediate backup of your website that you can download to your computer.

We recommend though to schedule a regular backup to the cloud, which you can configure by clicking on the Settings tab. From the list of backup files you will be presented with make sure you are backing up your Database, Themes, Plugins, Uploads and Other files. The Core files are not important – these are common WordPress files that will automatically be created if you needed to restore your website.

Our Pricing

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Launching Your Website

Single Property

For a Single Property

One Time Payment

  • Your website built to your specification

  • Sync your calendar to your Agency (eg:Airbnb, VRBO, TripAdvisor)

  • Accept Instant Bookings or Enquiries Only

  • Not locked into a restrictive subscription based platform

  • £549/once

    More than 1 Property

    Multiple Properties

    One Time

  • Website Design for up to 3 Properties

  • Each Property has dedicated Calendar

  • Fully Functioning Booking System

  • Full Administrator Access Provided

  • Additional Properties can be added. These are charged at £100 per property

  • £699/once

    Annual Hosting

    Hosting Service

    For new websites

    Annual Payment

  • Fast UK Website Hosting with Domain Name

  • Your choice of domain name

  • Personalised Email Accounts

  • SSL Certificate

  • £110/year

    with Website Support

    Established websites

    Annual Payment

  • Fast UK Website Hosting with Domain Name

  • Personalised Email Accounts

  • SSL Certificate

  • Software Updates / License Renewals

  • Website Support

  • £199/year