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Why Choose Owners Websites instead of a DIY website

Let us begin by saying we admire anyone who is willing to spend the time and effort in making their own website and there are some very good examples of handmade websites out there.There are many ways of creating a new website yourself, with several big name companies such as Go Daddy, Wix and Squarespace, to name just three,  offering the promise of a free and easy to build website service.  These services are popular not only amongst people looking for a low cost website solution, but also among those looking to be 100% in charge of the creative process of creating their website.We are starting to see an increasing number of new clients who have explored these services, some having invested considerable time building their websites themselves, only to reach a conclusion that the service cannot produce the functional results that they are looking for. That is not to say these services cannot deliver results but such services do lend themselves better to certain types of business than they do for others. If you are considering building your website yourself for a Holiday Rental here are some things you need to consider. 

A One Page Website Template Isn’t the Answer

For a website to be found online in a Google Search it needs content, and the best way to structure content is focus on keywords across multiple pages. A simple one page website may look pretty and it may certainly do the job of supporting your social media posts, but it will probably struggle to attract organic searches from Google and Bing.

The Costs of DIY Web Design

Can You Add A Calendar & Booking System

Whether you choose a DIY Website Builder service like any one of the those from the aforementioned companies then before you start, make sure your service offers you the capability to add to your site a booking calendar and booking reservation manager.Your Holiday Rental Website will need to show your availability like the free-to-use one you can see here in Our Demo if it is to generate bookings for you.

On-page Adverts

Many bare bones website building services will offer you a free website in exchange for adverts appearing on your website. This won’t make your website look professional so please make sure you check out examples of other websites from your chosen page builder to make sure you are happy with this compromise

Your Domain Name

Domain Names cost money so you are unlikely to be given a free domain name. Instead you will either be paying for your domain name as part of a monthly service plan, or your website name will be appended to your service providers domain name (eg:mycottage.mypagebuilder.com) Apart from being extremely uncatchy, the problem with this is you are not in full control of your website, our next point being…

Controlling Your Website

In almost all cases where you build your website using a Pagebuilder service or have chosen a One Page Website Template, you are committing yourself to that service without the ability at some future date to move your website to another provider. This could be a real issue should you need to develop your site in future and you find your Pagebuilder service is not capable of handing your requirements. And should you wish to move your website to another provider you’ll probably find your Pagebuilder won’t allow you to do this or even move your existing domain name. 

Introducing WordPress

You may already be familiar with WordPress. WordPress is the preeminent software platform that many of the world’s companies use to build their website. More likely than not the first holiday home you can find on Google uses WordPress and the first Holiday Home Agency you will find also uses WordPress. Even Airbnb uses WordPress! This is because WordPress is extremely capable and its popularity has made websites built using WordPress very easy to manage.Three very different ways of Building a WordPress Website
  1. Go to virtually any Website Hosting Company and purchase a WordPress Hosting Plan. Then you can build your website, purchasing the theme and plugins that will make your website look just the way you want it to look. As long as you have selected a WordPress plan and not a Pagebuilder Plan you should be able to control and won your domain and your website files, and be able to transfer them to another Website Host should you wish to in the future.
  2. Go to WordPress.com and sign up to one of their plans. WordPress.com include a free plan which involves limited functionality, adverts and a restricted domain name (eg:mycottage.wordpress.com) It is effectively another Pagebuilder albeit one on the WordPress platform with some restricted functionality and limited control over your hosting service. 
  3. Choose Owners Websites. We use WordPress to build your website where you will get the benefits of not needing to get involved yourself with the technicalities of hosting whilst having a website that you can control and move to another hosting service should you so wish in the future
you will most likely need to buy a theme and some plugins to get your website looking the way you would want it to. You may even need to play subscription fees if you want that all singing Availability Calendar that will allow your guests to book and pay online.You are also going to need to pay for your website domain and annual hosting fees.But that said and done, the principal cost to you is your time. Of course though there are services out there that promise to build a basic website for you with not upfront cost just a monthly fee. The price you pay with these services may be the quality of your website, the subscription costs of maintaining it and the hidden cost that your website domain name may be tied in with that provider until you pay a fee to release it.However, what we offer at Owners Websites is a very sophisticated and professional website aimed at getting you ahead of your competitors and with pricing that is extremely competitive.

Owners Websites Holiday Lettings Welcome Holiday Cottage Web Design not DIY Holiday Home Web Design and SEO

Welcome to Owners Websites

We design your website so it is free and easy to M-I-Y (Maintain-It-Yourself!) so you don’t have to pay us or anyone else monthly subscription charges.We choose WordPress as it has been designed to be used by customers and you can make changes, add or edit pages and posts. Obviously should you want us to help you in the future we will be happy to oblige, but we make it very easy for you to update and maintain your websites yourself.By letting us do your website for you and make it eye-catching and head and shoulders above your competition, we give you back your precious time and energy to focus your strengths on the other parts of your holiday letting business!

Annual Running Costs

The cost of running your website is the price you pay for your domain name and website hosting. We charge one all-inclusive amount of just £79 per year and we do this on super fast SSD servers in the UK. See how this compares to what you would pay elsewhere – we should be saving you money!

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Our Pricing

No hidden extras. Just a one-off cost to build your website – and a single annual fee that takes care of all your website’s running costs

Launching Your Website

Single Property

For a Single Property

One Time Payment

  • Your website built to your specification

  • Sync your calendar to your Agency (eg:Airbnb, VRBO, TripAdvisor)

  • Accept Instant Bookings or Enquiries Only

  • Not locked into a restrictive subscription based platform

  • £549/once

    More than 1 Property

    Multiple Properties

    One Time

  • Website Design for up to 3 Properties

  • Each Property has dedicated Calendar

  • Fully Functioning Booking System

  • Full Administrator Access Provided

  • Additional Properties can be added. These are charged at £100 per property

  • £699/once

    Annual Hosting

    Hosting Service

    For new websites

    Annual Payment

  • Fast UK Website Hosting with Domain Name

  • Your choice of domain name

  • Personalised Email Accounts

  • SSL Certificate

  • £110/year

    with Website Support

    Established websites

    Annual Payment

  • Fast UK Website Hosting with Domain Name

  • Personalised Email Accounts

  • SSL Certificate

  • Software Updates / License Renewals

  • Website Support

  • £199/year