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Explore The Benefits of A Holiday Rental Website

A well designed Holiday Home website will bring you bookings that you wouldn’t otherwise receive.Sadly, for both Holiday Home Owners and their guests, the Holiday Rental Advertising market has changed over the past few years. Booking Fees are now being levied to both parties at increasing rates. The effect of this has naturally angered owners who feel the success of their businesses are chained to these services. You may not be quite so conscious of this but make no mistake – guests aren’t too happy with these practices either!Savvy guests are now starting to only use agencies to find the property they want to stay at. They then attempt to search for the owners own website to avoid paying a booking fee that can easily be £100 or more. This is great news for Holiday Home Owners who have an attractive website. But they need to make sure their website can be easily found on searches when searching by property name.But there are many other reasons too why a modern mobile-friendly website is vital for your Holiday Home business as we explore below:

Enable Direct Bookings where neither you or guests have to pay commission

No one is denying the sheer strength of all the big portals such as HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Air BnB etc. These are all very important for independent letting business as they have a huge audience and marketing power.

However,  your own website still has a role to play that will save you money! Your website can be found by savvy bargain hunters, previous guests – and their friends and family, clicked on by Facebook fans, shared throughout social networks and also accessed directly via other directories including Owners Websites also!

Your Holiday Rental Website gives guests the option to come and book with you directly and save themselves a booking fee and you some commission.

Our feature booking system has an availability calendar linked with your prices and guests are able to click through the options and book online.  You still have the final say, however!  All that will happen is that you receive an email saying they would like to book those dates at the price shown and you then make arrangements for payment (or enable an online debit/credit card payment system that we can insert for you).

Create a Brand – Give your Home a Personality of its Own

Having your own website enables you to create a brand and give your property a personality!  Rather than be restricted by the formulaic confines of property portals, our bespoke websites enable much greater appeal.  You can spend more time describing the house, have as many photos uploaded as you wish, create a sense of luxury, adventure, romance. The list is limitless!  The more information you can put across to the potential guest, the more likely they are to book.  See our services for ways in which we can help you make your property stand out!

Showcase Your Area as a Fabulous Holiday Destination

Because you’re not restricted in what information you can put across, you can spread your content out and really showcase your area.  Why not let us do a blog for you on a local news event. Or what about uploading your own guide to walking from your cottage?  Let us help you add links and information to local places of interest – anything and everything to suit all holidaymakers!

Access Other Important Markets

Many online and offline directories let you link your website to your advert completely free of charge.

There are also some useful portals which are really highly ranked on Google that encourage you to have your own website to showcase your property further. If you take up our Hosting Plan we will feature your Holiday Home on Owners Websites !

Create a Link which can be Spread via Social Media

Maintaining a Facebook business page is a great way of highlighting your property and we can help you build this.  Facebook can be used for engaging posts and photos and snippets of information.  Facebook on its own however doesn’t compare to a website that can provide an in-depth, comprehensive look at your property and area.  Having a combination of the two though works a treat!  You can easily spread the word through friends, past guests – encouraging all of them with a nifty photo or two. Posts can encourage them to click onto your website for more information, pricing, booking etc.  If you want to get really clever, you can link to your blogs and have the two working seamlessly together!

Flexible Booking System

Convert your Holiday Home Websites visits into bookings!With our Booking System your visitors can check your availability and either book online instantly. If you prefer they can instead contact you by email directly.  You remain in control!

Easy to Use

Your Holiday Rental Website is designed to be easy to use and update. We recognise that everything is new to start with so we offer free support to give you complete peace of mind. With our great value Hosting Service we can also manage the hosting of your website. 

Mobile Friendly

Your Holiday Home Website not only has to look good on Phone and Tablet devices, it also has to function well and perform well too

Availability Calendar

Many visitors to your website will want to confirm a booking there and then. So it’s important to allow them to do this by showing your Availability Calendar online.

Bespoke Design

The one-off cost of designing your website is comparable to a weekend stay at a typical property.  With our services starting from just £299 there’s no excuse.One of the advantages of your own Holiday Home Website is that both you and your holidaymakers incur No Booking Fees ! Your Holiday Home or Holiday Cottage Website should easily be able to return the investment with bookings and self-generate income for years to come.

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Affordable Holiday Rental Website Design

Holiday Rental Website Design for 1 Property

A highly accomplished design for one Holiday Rental that includes a free to use Availability Calendar, Booking System. Designed to work perfectly on Desktop and Mobile devices. Read More → Advanced Web Design for Multiple Properties

Advanced Web Design for Multiple Properties

More than 1 Property? From £499 for up to 3 properties we’ll design your website and include a booking system and availability calendar for each. Read More →

Our Pricing

No hidden extras. Just a one-off cost to build your website – and a single annual fee that takes care of all your website’s running costs

Launching Your Website

Single Property

For a Single Property

One Time Payment

  • Your website built to your specification

  • Sync your calendar to your Agency (eg:Airbnb, VRBO, TripAdvisor)

  • Accept Instant Bookings or Enquiries Only

  • Not locked into a restrictive subscription based platform

  • £549/once

    More than 1 Property

    Multiple Properties

    One Time

  • Website Design for up to 3 Properties

  • Each Property has dedicated Calendar

  • Fully Functioning Booking System

  • Full Administrator Access Provided

  • Additional Properties can be added. These are charged at £100 per property

  • £699/once

    Annual Hosting

    Hosting Service

    For new websites

    Annual Payment

  • Fast UK Website Hosting with Domain Name

  • Your choice of domain name

  • Personalised Email Accounts

  • SSL Certificate

  • £110/year

    with Website Support

    Established websites

    Annual Payment

  • Fast UK Website Hosting with Domain Name

  • Personalised Email Accounts

  • SSL Certificate

  • Software Updates / License Renewals

  • Website Support

  • £199/year